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Handlen commented in his B+ review that "killing T-Dog and Lori earned the show an immediate thrill, but it also meant crossing off two potential sources of drama, people who had a history on the series, however thin or poorly developed that history might have been. Oscar explains the back-up generators must be powering it — proving that someone else is messing with things from inside the prison — and follows Rick inside to disable them. He and the Governor yell at the soldiers, but he is horrified as the Governor opens fire on the crowd, killing everyone. Glenn says he requires two more graves so Axel and Oscar begin to dig. "[21] Even though he stated that T-Dog died "a hero's death", Michael Rapoport of The Wall Street Journal concluded that Lori's "gut-churning" demise was the more memorable. It appears that Andrew holds respect for his fellow prisoners, as evident by him wanting Rick to help Big Tiny after his infection.

Martinez spots Andrea on her way out to escape, and asks her for her piece and ammo because the Governor wants them all collected up. I thought it was brilliantly shot to have Carl strong and cold in the foreground and Rick collapsed. When Andrea reunited with the group Daryl mentioned that the Governor killed Axel and that all of them liked him, showing his sympathies for the deceased Axel. Merle is killed shortly after and Martinez survived the ambush, returning to Woodbury with the Governor, Shumpert, Allen, and a few others. Despite being locked up together for 10 months during the apocalypse, Axel implied that he disliked Andrew due to his loyalty to Tomas and also his nature which was implied to be just like Tomas' as well; a killer. He is more intricate in the recapture of Glenn and Maggie, along with Merle and others. As of Season 4, he has gone from pawn to player, first by abandoning his former leader and then by taking leadership of his own survivor camp. While they were talking outside of the prison, Axel was shot and killed by The Governor, leaving Carol to have to use his body as a shield for herself. Martinez gets drunk and mentions that maybe they can "share the crown" and run the camp together. Months later, Martinez finds the Governor and Meghan Chambler in the screamer pits, after they fall in. You’d think they’d at least save something like this for the midseason finale in a few weeks, but The Walking Dead producers sure are stepping up this season and saying, “Oh, you thought last year was too slow-paced?

The walker almost bites him, until Martinez steps up and shoots the walker in the head. This is only episode four of a sixteen episode season! Jump to: Spoilers (6) The scene where Maggie must perform a C-section on a still-living Lori in order to save her baby was so troublesome for actress Lauren Cohan that she nearly quit the show. Yeah.

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