ragdoll cat breeders association

We are also proud breeders of Pug Dogs who share our home with a few Alpaca’s, a variety of free ranging chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea fowl’s, Parrots etc etc. They are by far the most outstanding companions in the cat family and even outdo most breeds of dogs in their constant desire to be close to and snuggle with their human companions. Join us at Companion Cat World and get a membership card, savings, and fun events! We have previously bred Tonkinese, Munchkins, Norwegian Forest Cats  and are now breeding Ragdolls Cats. More here. Mingo – Ragdoll of the Week Breeder Ads: Ad Rates | Full Page Ads | Half Page Ads | Quarter Page Ads | Business Card Ads Ragdolls are large, laid-back, semi longhaired cats with captivating blue eyes. Available Cats & Kittens: Available Kittens | Available Adult Cats | Submit a Cat/Kitten Form Mitteds have white feet in the front and white boots that go all the way up and around the hock in the back, a white chin and belly stripe. Altered males will usually top the scale at 15-20 pounds; females are proportionately smaller and usually weigh between 10-15 pounds at maturity. Name:  Julie Sissel Kittens will be ready around first week of Oct. Name:  Michelle Bumbarger Ragdolls, just like all breeds of cats, will shed, usually with the change of seasons.The absence of the thick, dense, insulating undercoats results in reduced shedding and matting. scratching posts) for the natural behavior of scratching (CFA disapproves of declawing or tendonectomy surgery) are essential elements for maintaining a healthy, long and joyful life. Males are generally much larger than the females. Mitted Ragdolls may have a blaze, star or hourglass shaped patch of white on their forehead and nose. The ideal Ragdoll is a well balanced cat, with no extreme features. Winner's Circle: Scoring | Online Score Sheet | Winner's Archives
Maintained by RFCI, Original graphics by Gerlinda.com. Address:  Milton, DE Can Ragdolls be black? The origin of the Ragdoll breed consisted almost entirely of free-roaming cats. Our Breeders . CFA accepts bi-color and van patterns, mitted and colorpoints for showing in the full array of color combinations. Shipping:  No, Additional Notes: Very sweet always purring and kneading seal tortie bicolor. * RFCI only allows kitten/cat ads of blue-eyed point kittens/cats that match the standards of CFA, TICA, and ACFA, * ONLY LITTER ANNOUNCEMENTS for multiple kittens from same litter. Quality coats consist mainly of long, soft guard hairs. * To submit information use the Available kittens/adult submit form * RFCI only allows kitten/cat ads of blue-eyed point kittens/cats that match the standards of CFA, TICA, and ACFA Its striking appearance is due to its Himalayan coat pattern, long coat, flat forehead, large eyes and broad cheeks. Shipping:  No. The Ragdoll’s semi long coat is plush and silky, and requires minimal grooming to keep it looking its best. Website address:  http://www.luvezragdolls.com/
The offspring of this female had unique temperament traits that were very endearing. All Rights Reserved.

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