photography zines examples

Sandy Kim (self-titled) This zine was put out through Hamburger eyes a few years ago. Edition 19, pictured here, is titled Paradise, and features 20 pages of photos of palm trees.

Different combinations will swing the end result from a professional paperback/magazine feel to a more vintage feel. A photo zine can be used to present a school project, pitch a business idea, or share your travel photos. Issue 9 was printed and produced in Tbilisi, Georgia, as a … He captures beautiful moments so effortlessly and his layouts and designs are always spot on. Yo Sick zines have a classic DIY feel, usually featuring black and white snapshots that focus on a particular theme. Small editions and mostly given out to friends. You can make a zine about any subject you wish. Zines were originally called fanzines, alluding to the fans who made them. Joe has always made the best zines. Created by photographer Prashant Gopal, Yo Sick puts out not just zines, but also a variety of fun pins and patches. Having a collection of printed photos in a well-designed layout is an impacting way to display a series of photos. It’s really raw and is the perfect zine. If something can be ‘made with love’ and not make you want to punch something, 1/2, an art zine (photography, illustration and collage, mostly) curated by four friends living in different cities in Europe, is. Yo Sick Zine. See more ideas about Zine, Art zine, Zine design. A photography zine, for example, is a tool that photographers can use to tell a visual story, to inform an audience about a specific topic or issue, to showcase and advertise a new idea or simply create a preview of an ongoing project. Oct 25, 2018 - Zine resources created for the library's workshop on May 1, 2013. His photography always amazes me. 15 years after its creation, Hamburger Eyes has become one of the leading names in photography publishing, printing zines and collaborating with some of the world's leading photographers all at once.

One of your most important choices will be the paper your zine is printed on. You need to make four selections, size, type, weight and finish.

A zine is simply a small, self-published photographic (or mixed media) presentation, usually released in very small quantities. Making a photography zine is a cool photography project. Zines tend to be at least partially hand-crafted and, as such, are publications that favor intriguing content over slick packaging.

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