molly kloepfer

He quickly became a “fixture” in their lives, taking Molly and her mother to the zoo –– where he’d playfully pretend he was going to feed her to the crocodiles –– or heading with them to nearby lakes around Seattle to relax. In the 2020 re-release of her memoir, Elizabeth writes, "I hadn't gone by old married name of Kloepfer for years, not since Molly was a child. As the title of the film suggests, Bundy was a monster. Molly has been relatively reclusive since her little family was thrust into infamy by her mother, Elizabeth Kloepfer/Kendall's long-term boyfriend, Ted Bundy. Did Kloepfer know she was dating a killer?
Kloeper had recently moved to Seattle after divorcing Molly’s father, who was a convicted felon — something Kloeper didn’t find out until she was already married.

We know that she was born in … Image: Amazon Prime. Molly was just a toddler when Kloepfer met Bundy in 1969. Molly Kloepfer in Amazon Prime's Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer.
While Kloepfer is the primary focus, there's another person in the picture: Kloepfer's daughter, Tina, (Molly in the film). Molly met Bundy when she was just 3 years old.

This is an important question (especially since Molly, a minor/innocent child, was involved), and the answer is complicated.

“I was amazed and pleased at how much Ted liked our domestic scene,” Kloeper wrote in the book.

On another occasion, Bundy rushed into the bathroom and took a photo of Molly when she was naked in the bathtub.

Another time, when Elizabeth was gone for the night, Bundy started a "game", which involved him hiding under a blue blanket naked.

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