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Members voices – especially of those from underrepresented groups – should shape our strategy, policy and campaigns as we fight for a radical Labour government.

Yes. It is for the benefit only of those seeking to hide in a room and make decisions without scrutiny. This means creating millions of well-paid, unionised green jobs, taking on the big polluters, and expanding commitments to public ownership across the economy.

These priorities are not opposed – these are inseparable. This was no fault of the LLA, nor was it a fault of my own. As a general principle investigations should never happen in secret, and innocence must be presumed until proven otherwise – however we should not put in place barriers that prevent vulnerable and abused people from coming forward. “It’s like, ‘stay and fight and, for a while, likely lose’ because the left is not going to be in the ascendancy. I personally have always stood against the oppression of the Palestiniansand Arabs in Israel, and will continue to do so even in the face of staunchand bitter opposition within our own ranks. Yes, totally. Implementing the EHRC’s recommendations must be a key first step. Labour Left will once more host events at Labour Party conference, as well as publish policy documents and books seeking to contribute to the policy debate within the Labour Party.

We have a corrupt & rigged political system in the UK. I am standing to be on Labour’s NEC in order to speak up for such policies which will greatly benefit the community I live in. Don’t Leave, Organise! Settlement with witch-hunters: Not in our name! Our manifesto should never be written in secret by a small clique of the leadership’s favourites. Information: Clear information about the complaint processes.Accessibility: Free of charge and fully accessible to all members, including people in vulnerable situations.Support and empowerment: The ability to call on third party help when making a complaint or responding to a complaint against you.Fairness: Processes and decisions need to be fair and based on public available rules and criteria.Effectiveness and performance: Dealing with complaints in a timely fashion, ensuring positive improvements within Labour were identified and performance monitoring and auditing of the complaints process.Resolution and redress: The ability to resolve the problem, a range of remedies, including financial compensation and the ability to tackle systemic issues.Independence: Independent of those complained against.Accountability: Publicly available information on how the service works and how it is governed.Resources: Adequate resources and flexibility to deal with present and future demands.Member involvement: Complaint handling systems need to be informed by members’ views and experiences, we should even ask people who have been asked to leave the party due to a complaint against them what their views of the process were.I would be supportive of a cyclical review of the complaints procedure, for example, every 2 years to see if it complies with the principles I have laid out above and we should have a forum for as much member participation as possible.I think once the NEC is established with the new members this should be a priority and I would certainly be raising it as soon as possible.I am a fan of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life and I would suggest we should follow “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world”. Whist I do not agree that we should boycott and sanction Israel, as this would affect their citizens that have already been through so many ordeals just to simply support their faith.

It will also provide insight as to whether certain members who sit on the NEC are following the pledges they were elected on. Guest Author. Now that era has come to a close we feel the time has come to step forward again, and recreate the role we played from 2011-15. I am therefore aware of the policies which are best suited to support the disabled people of this country. I am concerned that this part of the process may not be transparent. The only other reason that senior members should not seek the consent of Labour conference is when a confidentiality or legal process would be undermined  by a such a consultation. I am comfortable with items (a) to (f) under question 3 so long as normal standards of proof apply to 3 (f).

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