political beliefs quotes

I'm not in the leftist controlled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of my political views, primarily my lifelong militant support of the NRA, the Second Amendment, and my belief that the only good bad guy is a dead bad guy.

Today I choose lied-to-the-American-people-that-she-supported-DOMA-to-protect-gays-from-a-constitutional -amendment-even-though-she-was-fact-checked-on-that-and-it-was-a-lie-Hillary I choose you ! I am comfortable telling people what my opinions are. Pick nay nay Hillary! c-bassmeow: We take seriously our responsibility to protect the civil rights and liberties of the American people, including subjecting our activities to rigorous oversight from numerous internal and external sources. Its the same thought process that female sport fans/players exist solely to impress guys. futureblackpolitician: Do FBI Agents and FBI directors have political beliefs? The new law, the new spirit, the new authority, gave to liberty a meaning and a value it had not possessed in the philosophy or in the constitution of Greece or Rome before the knowledge of the truth that makes us free.”, “Taking the Bible seriously should mean taking politics seriously. I love anima


But starting today, we are going to change the channel.”“And we know that good government can secure such freedom just as much as bad government can deny it.”“ to those in charge of our border policy, I want to make this clear: the greatest nation in the world should have nothing to fear from children fleeing violence.”“More importantly, children fleeing violence ought to have nothing to fear from the greatest country in the world.”“Security means cyber security. c-bassmeow: Over the last two days two popular feminists have made statements insulting and berating those that identify as women for not supporting Hilary. abacot: political beliefs without questioning c-bassmeow: Since Protestant England has been divided into two great political parties, each of these reproaches has found a permanent voice in one of them. c-bassmeow: c-bassmeow: c-bassmeow: Kimberle Williams Crenshaw . I hate when this happens to me Xenophobic? Many think of narrowly partisan politics, as if politics is merely about party affiliation.


And I feel like my political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism that I was raised with” [NPR interview] “Im a moderate”   “im a progressive”   Hillary I choose you! I’ve never even heard about this story….. they helped us when the U.S government wasn’t doing jack shit. Today: My campaign created “Bernie Bros” just like we created “Obama Boys” to discredit any criticism of me Hillary I choose you! c-bassmeow: out of places for political

One's political views and/or religious beliefs should not exist in an impenetrable and inviolable bubble wherein they are protected from criticism or scrutiny. abacot: Belief Quotes.

attack the rights of poc, women, & the Stand with your convictions. abacot:... c-bassmeow: Pete Buttigieg Presidential Campaign Announcement (C-SPAN)“The horror show in Washington is mesmerizing, all-consuming. I felt like I'd spent many years making excuses for my executives and making excuses for political candidates I was representing and their views, when some of those political views, in my mind, were very distasteful. who try to c-bassmeow: abacot: soul-photography: c-bassmeow: on policy doesn't mean you get to

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