names that mean shadow female

You will see that many of these entities are depicted as winged creatures and can feature gorgeous and alluring appearance. AI meaning "love" (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳) - Japanese girl name.AIKO meaning "child of love" (愛子) - Japanese girl name.AIMI meaning "love beautiful" (愛美) - Japanese girl name.AINA meaning "love vegetables" (愛菜) - Japanese girl name.AIRI meaning "love jasmine" (愛莉) - Japanese girl name.AKANE meaning "brilliant red" (茜) - Japanese girl name.AKEMI meaning "bright beautiful" (明美) - Japanese girl name.AKI meaning "bright / autumn" (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.AKIHIRO meaning "great brightness" (明宏) - Japanese boy name.AKIKO meaning "bright child" (明子) - Japanese girl name.AKIO meaning "bright man" (昭夫) - Japanese boy name.AKIRA meaning "bright / clear" (明 / 亮) - Japanese unisex name.AMATERASU meaning "shining heaven" (天照) - Japanese girl name.AMI meaning "asia beautiful" (亜美) - Japanese girl name.AOI meaning "blue" (碧) - Japanese unisex name.ARATA meaning "new, fresh" (新) - Japanese boy name.ASAMI meaning "morning beauty" (麻美) - Japanese girl name.ASUKA meaning "tomorrow perfume, fragrance" (明日香) - Japanese girl name.ATSUKO meaning "kind child" (篤子) - Japanese girl name.ATSUSHI meaning "industrious director" (敦司) - Japanese boy name.AYA meaning "color" (彩) - Japanese girl name.AYAKA meaning "colorful flower" (彩花) - Japanese girl name.AYAKO meaning "colorful child" (彩子) - Japanese girl name.AYAME meaning "iris" (菖蒲) - Japanese girl name.AYANE meaning "colorful sound" (彩音) - Japanese girl name.AYANO meaning "my color" (彩乃) - Japanese girl name.AYUMU meaning "walk dream, vision" (歩夢) - Japanese boy name.CHIE meaning "wisdom, intellect" (恵) - Japanese girl name.CHIEKO meaning "child of intelligence, wisdom" (恵子) - Japanese girl name.CHIHARU meaning "one thousand springs (as in season)" (千春) - Japanese girl name.CHIKA meaning "scatter flowers" (散花) - Japanese girl name.CHIKAKO meaning "child of a thousand perfumes" (千香子) - Japanese girl name.CHINATSU meaning "one thousand summers" (千夏) - Japanese girl name.CHIYO meaning "one thousand generations" (千代) - Japanese girl name.CHIYOKO meaning "child of a thousand generations" (千代子) - Japanese girl name.CHO meaning "butterfly" (蝶) - Japanese girl name.CHOUKO meaning "butterfly child" (蝶子) - Japanese girl name.DAI meaning "great, large" (大) - Japanese boy name.DAICHI meaning "great land" (大地) - Japanese boy name.DAIKI meaning "great glory / great nobility" (大輝 / 大貴) - Japanese boy name.DAISUKE meaning "great help" (大輔) - Japanese boy name.EIJI meaning "eternity order" (永次) - Japanese boy name.EIKO meaning "child of splendor" (栄子) - Japanese girl name.EMI meaning "beautiful blessing" (恵美) - Japanese girl name.EMIKO meaning "beautiful blessing child" (恵美子) - Japanese girl name.ERI meaning "blessed prize" (絵理) - Japanese girl name.ETSUKO meaning "child of joy" (悦子) - Japanese girl name.FUMIKO meaning "child of abundant beauty" (富美子) - Japanese girl name.FUMIO meaning "literature, scholarly hero" (文雄) - Japanese boy name.GORO meaning "fifth son" (五郎) - Japanese boy name.HACHIRO meaning "eighth son" (八郎) - Japanese boy name.HAJIME meaning "beginning" (肇) - Japanese boy name.HANA meaning "flower" (花) - Japanese girl name.HANAKO meaning "flower child" (花子) - Japanese girl name.HARU meaning "spring (as in season)" (春) - Japanese unisex name.HARUKA meaning "spring flower" (春花) - Japanese girl name.HARUKI meaning "shining sun" (陽輝) - Japanese boy name.HARUKO meaning "spring child" (春子) - Japanese girl name.HARUMI meaning "beautiful spring" (春美) - Japanese girl name.HARUNA meaning "spring vegetables" (春菜) - Japanese girl name.HARUO meaning "man of spring" (春男) - Japanese boy name.HARUTO meaning "sun flying" (陽斗) - Japanese boy name.HAYATE meaning "smooth" (颯) - Japanese boy name.HAYATO meaning "falcon person" (隼人) - Japanese boy name.HIBIKI meaning "sound, echo" (響) - Japanese boy name.HIDEAKI meaning "excellent bright, shining" (英明) - Japanese boy name.HIDEKI meaning "excellent timber trees" (英樹) - Japanese boy name.HIDEKO meaning "child of excellence" (秀子) - Japanese girl name.HIDEO meaning "excellent husband, man" (英夫) - Japanese boy name.HIDEYOSHI meaning "excellence good" (秀良) - Japanese boy name.HIKARI meaning "light, radiance" (光) - Japanese girl name.HIKARU meaning "light, radiance" (光) - Japanese unisex name.HINA meaning "sun vegetables" (陽菜) - Japanese girl name.HINATA meaning "sunflower / facing towards the sun" (向日葵 / 陽向) - Japanese unisex name.HIRAKU meaning "open, expand" (拓) - Japanese boy name.HIRO meaning "generous" (寛) - Japanese unisex name.HIROAKI meaning "wide, spacious light" (広明) - Japanese boy name.HIROKI meaning "vast timber trees" (弘樹) - Japanese boy name.HIROKO meaning "generous child" (寛子) - Japanese girl name.HIROMI meaning "generous beauty" (寛美) - Japanese girl name.HIRONORI meaning "chronical of command, esteem" (博紀) - Japanese boy name.HIROSHI meaning "generous" (寛) - Japanese boy name.HIROTO meaning "great,large flying" (大斗) - Japanese boy name.HIROYUKI meaning "great journey" (宏行) - Japanese boy name.HISAKO meaning "child of long life" (久子) - Japanese girl name.HISAO meaning "long living man, husband" (寿夫) - Japanese boy name.HISASHI meaning "long time director, ruler" (久司) - Japanese boy name.HISOKA meaning "cautious, reserved" (密) - Japanese unisex name.HITOMI meaning "pupil of the eye" (瞳) - Japanese girl name.HITOSHI meaning "motivated person" (人志) - Japanese boy name.HONOKA meaning "harmony flower" (和花) - Japanese girl name.HOSHI meaning "star" (星) - Japanese girl name.HOSHIKO meaning "star child" (星子) - Japanese girl name.HOTAKA meaning "tall grain" (穂高) - Japanese boy name.HOTARU meaning "firefly" (蛍) - Japanese girl name.ICHIRO meaning "first son" (一郎) - Japanese boy name.ISAMU meaning "brave, courageous" (勇) - Japanese boy name.ISAO meaning "merit" (勲) - Japanese boy name.ITSUKI meaning "timber trees" (樹) - Japanese boy name.IZUMI meaning "spring, fountain" (泉) - Japanese girl name.JIRO meaning "second son" (二郎) - Japanese boy name.JUN meaning "obedient" (順) - Japanese unisex name.JUNICHI meaning "obedient first (son)" (順一) - Japanese boy name.JUNKO meaning "pure, genuine child" (純子) - Japanese girl name.JURO meaning "tenth son" (十郎) - Japanese boy name.KAEDE meaning "maple" (楓) - Japanese unisex name.KAITO meaning "ocean flying" (海斗) - Japanese boy name.KAMIKO meaning "superior child" (上子) - Japanese girl name.KANAKO meaning "fragrant Nara(city in japan) child" (香奈子) - Japanese girl name.KANON meaning "flower sound" (花音) - Japanese girl name.KAORI meaning "perfume, fragrance" (香) - Japanese girl name.KAORU meaning "fragrance" (薫) - Japanese unisex name.KASUMI meaning "mist" (霞) - Japanese girl name.KATASHI meaning "firm" (堅) - Japanese boy name.KATSU meaning "victory" (勝) - Japanese boy name.KATSUMI meaning "victorious beauty" (勝美) - Japanese girl name.KATSUO meaning "victorious, heroic man" (勝雄) - Japanese boy name.KATSURO meaning "victorious son" (勝郎) - Japanese boy name.KAZUE meaning "first blessing" (一恵) - Japanese girl name.KAZUHIKO meaning "harmonious boy" (和彦) - Japanese boy name.KAZUHIRO meaning "great harmony" (和宏) - Japanese boy name.KAZUKI meaning "harmony hope" (和希) - Japanese boy name.KAZUKO meaning "child of harmony" (和子) - Japanese girl name.KAZUMI meaning "harmonious beauty" (和美) - Japanese girl name.KAZUO meaning "man of harmony" (和夫) - Japanese boy name.KEI meaning "respectful" (敬) - Japanese girl name.KEIKO meaning "blessed child / respectful child" (恵子 / 敬子) - Japanese girl name.KEN meaning "strong, healthy" (健) - Japanese boy name.KENICHI meaning "strong, healthy first (son)" (健一) - Japanese boy name.KENJI meaning "strong, healthy second (son)" (健二) - Japanese boy name.KENSHIN meaning "modest truthful" (謙信) - Japanese boy name.KENTA meaning "large strong, healthy" (健太) - Japanese boy name.KICHIRO meaning "lucky son" (吉郎) - Japanese boy name.KIKO meaning "chronical child" (紀子) - Japanese girl name.KIKU meaning "chrysanthemum" (菊) - Japanese girl name.KIMI meaning "noble" (君) - Japanese girl name.KIMIKO meaning "empress child" (后子) - Japanese girl name.KIN meaning "gold" (金) - Japanese unisex name.KIYOKO meaning "pure child" (清子) - Japanese girl name.KIYOMI meaning "pure beauty" (清美) - Japanese girl name.KIYOSHI meaning "purity" (淳) - Japanese boy name.KOHAKU meaning "amber" (琥珀) - Japanese unisex name.KOKORO meaning "soul, heart" (心) - Japanese girl name.KOTONE meaning "sound of the koto (Japanese harp)" (琴音) - Japanese girl name.KOUKI meaning "light hope" (光希) - Japanese boy name.KOUTA meaning "great peace" (康太) - Japanese boy name.KUMIKO meaning "long-time beautiful child" (久美子) - Japanese girl name.KUNIO meaning "country man" (國男) - Japanese boy name.KURO meaning "ninth son" (九郎) - Japanese boy name.KYO meaning "cooperation" (協) - Japanese unisex name.KYOKO meaning "respectful child" (恭子) - Japanese girl name.MADOKA meaning "circle, round" (円) - Japanese unisex name.MAI meaning "dance" (舞) - Japanese girl name.MAIKO meaning "child of dance" (舞子) - Japanese girl name.MAKI meaning "true hope" (真希) - Japanese girl name.MAKOTO meaning "sincere" (誠) - Japanese unisex name.MAMI meaning "true beauty" (真美) - Japanese girl name.MAMORU meaning "protector, guard" (守) - Japanese boy name.MANA meaning "love" (愛) - Japanese girl name.MANABU meaning "study, learn" (学) - Japanese boy name.MANAMI meaning "loving beautiful" (愛美) - Japanese girl name.MAO meaning "dance cherry blossom" (舞桜) - Japanese girl name.MARIKO meaning "true village child" (真里子) - Japanese girl name.MASA meaning "just / true" (正 / 真) - Japanese unisex name.MASAAKI meaning "pleasing brightness" (良昭) - Japanese boy name.MASAHIKO meaning "righteous boy" (正彦) - Japanese boy name.MASAHIRO meaning "great prosperity" (昌宏) - Japanese boy name.MASAKI meaning "great timber tree" (昌樹) - Japanese boy name.MASAMI meaning "become beautiful" (成美) - Japanese girl name.MASANORI meaning "model of righteousness, justice" (正則) - Japanese boy name.MASAO meaning "righteous man" (正男) - Japanese boy name.MASARU meaning "victory" (勝) - Japanese boy name.MASASHI meaning "righteous aspiration" (正志) - Japanese boy name.MASATO meaning "righteous person" (正人) - Japanese boy name.MASAYOSHI meaning "righteous, honorable" (正義) - Japanese boy name.MASAYUKI meaning "righteous blessing" (正幸) - Japanese boy name.MASUMI meaning "true clarity" (真澄) - Japanese unisex name.MASUYO meaning "benefits the world" (益世) - Japanese girl name.MAYU meaning "true gentle" (真優) - Japanese girl name.MAYUMI meaning "true gentle beauty" (真優美) - Japanese girl name.MEGUMI meaning "blessing" (恵) - Japanese girl name.MEI meaning "sprouting life" (芽生) - Japanese girl name.MI meaning "beautiful" (美) - Japanese girl name.MICHI meaning "pathway" (道) - Japanese unisex name.MICHIKO meaning "beautiful wise child" (美智子) - Japanese girl name.MICHIO meaning "man on a journey" (道夫) - Japanese boy name.MIDORI meaning "green" (緑) - Japanese girl name.MIEKO meaning "beautiful blessing child" (美枝子) - Japanese girl name.MIHO meaning "protected, guaranteed beauty" (美保) - Japanese girl name.MIKA meaning "beautiful fragrance" (美香) - Japanese girl name.MIKI meaning "beautiful princess" (美姫) - Japanese girl name.MIKIO meaning "tree trunk man" (幹夫) - Japanese boy name.MIKU meaning "beautiful sky" (美空) - Japanese girl name.MINAKO meaning "beautiful child" (美奈子) - Japanese girl name.MINORI meaning "truth" (実) - Japanese unisex name.MINORU meaning "truth" (実) - Japanese boy name.MIO meaning "beautiful cherry blossom" (美桜) - Japanese girl name.MISAKI meaning "beautiful blossom" (美咲) - Japanese girl name.MITSUKO meaning "child of light" (光子) - Japanese girl name.MITSUO meaning "shining hero" (光雄) - Japanese boy name.MITSURU meaning "satisfy, full" (満) - Japanese unisex name.MIU meaning "beautiful feather" (美羽) - Japanese girl name.MIWA meaning "beautiful hamony, peace" (美和) - Japanese girl name.MIYAKO meaning "beautiful night child" (美夜子) - Japanese girl name.MIYOKO meaning "beautiful child of the generations" (美代子) - Japanese girl name.MIYU meaning "beautiful gentle" (美優) - Japanese girl name.MIYUKI meaning "beautiful blessing" (美幸) - Japanese girl name.MIZUKI meaning "beautiful moon" (美月) - Japanese girl name.MOE meaning "sprouting" (萌) - Japanese girl name.MOMOE meaning "one hundred blessings" (百恵) - Japanese girl name.MOMOKA meaning "peach tree flower" (桃花) - Japanese girl name.MOMOKO meaning "peach tree child" (桃子) - Japanese girl name.MORIKO meaning "child of the forest" (森子) - Japanese girl name.NANA meaning "seven" (七) - Japanese girl name.NANAMI meaning "seven seas" (七海) - Japanese girl name.NAO meaning "honest" (直) - Japanese unisex name.NAOKI meaning "honest timber tree" (直樹) - Japanese boy name.NAOKO meaning "honest child" (直子) - Japanese girl name.NAOMI meaning "honest beautiful" (直美) - Japanese girl name.NATSUKI meaning "summer hope" (夏希) - Japanese girl name.NATSUKO meaning "summer child" (夏子) - Japanese girl name.NATSUMI meaning "beautiful summer" (夏美) - Japanese girl name.NOA meaning "my love" (乃愛) - Japanese girl name.NOBORU meaning "ascend, rise" (翔) - Japanese boy name.NOBU meaning "prolong" (延) - Japanese boy name.NOBUKO meaning "faithful, trustworthy child" (信子) - Japanese girl name.NOBUO meaning "faithful, trustworthy man" (信夫) - Japanese boy name.NOBURU meaning "expand" (伸) - Japanese boy name.NOBUYUKI meaning "truth joy" (信幸) - Japanese boy name.NORI meaning "to rule" (儀) - Japanese boy name.NORIKO meaning "lawful child" (典子) - Japanese girl name.NORIO meaning "lawful man" (法男) - Japanese boy name.OSAMU meaning "disciplined, studious" (修) - Japanese boy name.RAN meaning "orchid" (蘭) - Japanese girl name.REI meaning "lovely" (麗) - Japanese girl name.REIKO meaning "lovely child" (麗子) - Japanese girl name.REN meaning "lotus / love" (蓮 / 恋) - Japanese unisex name.RIE meaning "true blessing" (理恵) - Japanese girl name.RIKA meaning "true fragrance" (理香) - Japanese girl name.RIKO meaning "child of truth" (理子) - Japanese girl name.RIKU meaning "land" (陸) - Japanese boy name.RIKUTO meaning "person of land" (陸人) - Japanese boy name.RIN meaning "dignified" (凛) - Japanese girl name.RINA meaning "jasmine" (莉奈) - Japanese girl name.RIO meaning "village cherry blossom" (里桜) - Japanese girl name.ROKURO meaning "sixth son" (六郎) - Japanese boy name.RYO meaning "refreshing, cool" (涼) - Japanese boy name.RYOICHI meaning "good first (son)" (良一) - Japanese boy name.RYOKO meaning "refreshing child" (涼子) - Japanese girl name.RYOTA meaning "great refreshment" (涼太) - Japanese boy name.RYUU meaning "dragon, imperial" (龍) - Japanese boy name.RYUUNOSUKE meaning "nobleman's predecessor" (隆之介) - Japanese boy name.SABURO meaning "third son" (三郎) - Japanese boy name.SACHIKO meaning "joyful, happy child" (幸子) - Japanese girl name.SADAO meaning "righteous hero" (貞雄) - Japanese boy name.SAKI meaning "blossom of hope" (咲希) - Japanese girl name.SAKURA meaning "cherry blossom" (桜 / さくら) - Japanese girl name.SAKURAKO meaning "cherry blossom child" (桜子) - Japanese girl name.SATOKO meaning "wise child" (聡子) - Japanese girl name.SATOMI meaning "beautiful and wise" (聡美) - Japanese girl name.SATORU meaning "wise, fast learner" (聡) - Japanese boy name.SATOSHI meaning "wise, fast learner" (聡) - Japanese boy name.SAYURI meaning "small lily" (小百合) - Japanese girl name.SEIICHI meaning "refined, pure first (son)" (精一) - Japanese boy name.SEIJI meaning "refined, pure second (son)" (精二) - Japanese boy name.SETSUKO meaning "melody child" (節子) - Japanese girl name.SHICHIRO meaning "seventh son" (七郎) - Japanese boy name.SHIGEKO meaning "growing child" (成子) - Japanese girl name.SHIGEO meaning "heavy man" (重夫) - Japanese boy name.SHIGERU meaning "luxuriant, well grown" (茂) - Japanese boy name.SHIKA meaning "deer" (鹿) - Japanese girl name.SHIN meaning "truth" (真) - Japanese boy name.SHINICHI meaning "true first (son)" (真一) - Japanese boy name.SHINJI meaning "true second (son)" (真二) - Japanese boy name.SHINJU meaning "pearl" (真珠) - Japanese girl name.SHINOBU meaning "endurance" (忍) - Japanese unisex name.SHIORI meaning "poem" (詩織) - Japanese girl name.SHIRO meaning "fourth son" (四郎) - Japanese boy name.SHIZUKA meaning "quiet summer" (静夏) - Japanese girl name.SHIZUKO meaning "quiet child" (静子) - Japanese girl name.SHO meaning "to fly" (翔) - Japanese boy name.SHOICHI meaning "flying son (first)" (翔一) - Japanese boy name.SHOJI meaning "flying son (second)" (翔二) - Japanese boy name.SHOUTA meaning "big flying" (翔太) - Japanese boy name.SHUICHI meaning "disciplined, studious first (son)" (修一) - Japanese boy name.SHUJI meaning "disciplined, studious second (son)" (修二) - Japanese boy name.SHUN meaning "speed, quick" (駿) - Japanese girl name.SORA meaning "sky" (昊 / 空) - Japanese unisex name.SOUTA meaning "large sudden" (颯太) - Japanese boy name.SUMIKO meaning "child of clarity" (澄子) - Japanese girl name.SUSUMU meaning "to advance, proceed" (進) - Japanese boy name.SUZU meaning "bell" (鈴) - Japanese girl name.SUZUME meaning "sparrow" (雀) - Japanese girl name.TADAO meaning "loyal, faithful man" (忠夫) - Japanese boy name.TADASHI meaning "loyal, faithful" (忠) - Japanese boy name.TAICHI meaning "large first (son)" (太一) - Japanese boy name.TAIKI meaning "great radiance, shine" (大輝) - Japanese boy name.TAKAHIRO meaning "of great value, nobility" (貴大) - Japanese boy name.TAKAKO meaning "noble child" (貴子) - Japanese girl name.TAKAO meaning "nobleman" (貴夫) - Japanese boy name.TAKARA meaning "treasure" (宝) - Japanese girl name.TAKASHI meaning "prosperous, noble" (隆) - Japanese boy name.TAKAYUKI meaning "noble journey" (隆行) - Japanese boy name.TAKEHIKO meaning "bamboo prince" (竹彦) - Japanese boy name.TAKEO meaning "warrior hero" (武雄) - Japanese boy name.TAKESHI meaning "fierce warrior" (武) - Japanese boy name.TAKUMA meaning "opening truth" (拓真) - Japanese boy name.TAKUMI meaning "artisan" (匠) - Japanese boy name.TAMIKO meaning "child of many beauties" (多美子) - Japanese girl name.TAMOTSU meaning "protector, keeper" (保) - Japanese boy name.TARO meaning "large son" (太郎) - Japanese boy name.TATSUO meaning "dragon, imperial hero" (竜雄) - Japanese boy name.TATSUYA meaning "to be imperial, dragon" (竜也) - Japanese boy name.TERUKO meaning "shining child" (照子) - Japanese girl name.TETSUYA meaning "philosophy, clear" (哲也) - Japanese boy name.TOMIKO meaning "child of wealth, fortune" (富子) - Japanese girl name.TOMIO meaning "wealth, fortune" (富) - Japanese boy name.TOMOHIRO meaning "west village" (西村) - Japanese boy name.TOMOKO meaning "child of wisdom, intellect" (智子) - Japanese girl name.TOMOMI meaning "beautiful friend" (朋美) - Japanese girl name.TORU meaning "penetrate, make clear" (徹) - Japanese boy name.TOSHI meaning "wise" (慧) - Japanese boy name.TOSHIAKI meaning "advantageous light" (利明) - Japanese boy name.TOSHIKO meaning "clever child" (敏子) - Japanese girl name.TOSHIO meaning "genious leader, hero" (俊雄) - Japanese boy name.TOSHIYUKI meaning "of wisdom" (智之) - Japanese boy name.TSUBAKI meaning "camellia flower" (椿) - Japanese girl name.TSUBAME meaning "swallow (bird)" (燕) - Japanese girl name.TSUKIKO meaning "moon child" (月子) - Japanese girl name.TSUNEO meaning "consistant hero" (恒雄) - Japanese boy name.TSUTOMU meaning "diligence" (勤) - Japanese boy name.TSUYOSHI meaning "strong" (剛) - Japanese boy name.UME meaning "plum" (梅) - Japanese girl name.UMEKO meaning "plum child" (梅子) - Japanese girl name.USAGI meaning "rabbit" (兎) - Japanese girl name.WAKANA meaning "harmonious music" (和奏) - Japanese girl name.YAMATO meaning "great harmony" (大和) - Japanese boy name.YASU meaning "peace" (康) - Japanese unisex name.YASUKO meaning "child of peace" (康子) - Japanese girl name.YASUO meaning "man of peace" (康夫) - Japanese boy name.YASUSHI meaning "peaceful" (靖) - Japanese boy name.YOICHI meaning "sunshine, positive first (son)" (陽一) - Japanese boy name.YOKO meaning "child of sunlight" (陽子) - Japanese girl name.YORI meaning "trust" (頼) - Japanese boy name.YOSHI meaning "lucky / righteous" (吉 / 義) - Japanese unisex name.YOSHIAKI meaning "righteousness shining" (義昭) - Japanese boy name.YOSHIE meaning "beautiful stream" (佳江) - Japanese girl name.YOSHIKAZU meaning "good peace, Japan" (良和) - Japanese boy name.YOSHIKO meaning "child of goodness" (良子) - Japanese girl name.YOSHINORI meaning "excellent model" (佳範) - Japanese boy name.YOSHIO meaning "joyful life" (吉生) - Japanese boy name.YOSHIRO meaning "righteous son" (義郎) - Japanese boy name.YOSHITO meaning "ceremonial, correct person" (儀人) - Japanese boy name.YOSHIYUKI meaning "righteous journey" (義行) - Japanese boy name.YOUTA meaning "great sunlight" (陽太) - Japanese boy name.YUA meaning "binding love" (結愛) - Japanese girl name.YUI meaning "bind clothing " (結衣) - Japanese girl name.YUICHI meaning "heroic first (son)" (雄一) - Japanese boy name.YUINA meaning "bind together" (結奈) - Japanese girl name.YUJI meaning "heroic second (son)" (雄二) - Japanese boy name.YUKA meaning "gentle flower" (優花) - Japanese girl name.YUKARI meaning "beautiful pear tree" (佳梨) - Japanese girl name.YUKI meaning "happiness / snow" (幸 / 雪) - Japanese unisex name.YUKIKO meaning "child of snow / child of happiness" (幸子 / 雪子) - Japanese girl name.YUKIO meaning "blessed hero" (幸雄) - Japanese boy name.YUKO meaning "gentle child" (優子) - Japanese girl name.YUMI meaning "reason beautiful" (由美) - Japanese girl name.YUMIKO meaning "reason beautiful child" (由美子) - Japanese girl name.YURI meaning "lily" (百合) - Japanese girl name.YURIKO meaning "lily child" (百合子) - Japanese girl name.YUTAKA meaning "bountiful, rich" (豊) - Japanese boy name.YUU meaning "gentle" (優) - Japanese unisex name.YUUDAI meaning "great hero" (雄大) - Japanese boy name.YUUKI meaning "gentle, superior hope" (優希) - Japanese unisex name.YUUMA meaning "gentle, superior truth" (優真) - Japanese boy name.YUUNA meaning "gentle" (優奈) - Japanese girl name.YUUTA meaning "great bravery" (勇太) - Japanese boy name.YUUTO meaning "gentle person" (悠人) - Japanese boy name.YUZUKI meaning "gentle moon" (優月) - Japanese girl name.

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