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The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. There aren't enough words to explain the kind of pain Mike goes through every day.

RELATED: Better Call Saul's 10 Best Story Arcs, Ranked. ("El Camino"). One night when Mike is working his parking attendant job, Gus arrives to meet him personally.

That night, after Lalo discovers the wrecked car, Mike repeatedly calls Saul to warn him while racing to his and Kim's apartment. He agrees to continue with his sabotage, and a loose partnership is born.

Mike refuses however and rips the bag from Walt's hand and walks away. Upon being informed of Gus's death, Mike angrily leaves the facility to return to New Mexico, intent on killing Walt in retribution.

Mike tells Jesse that if he were Jesse's age and starting fresh, Mike would go to Alaska which is the last frontier and a place where a person could be anything they want.

Nacho also reveals that Hector killed a Good Samaritan that happened to stumble upon the scene and freed the driver. Continuing his counter-surveillance of the driver, Mike tracks his vehicle to the middle of the desert, only to find the gas cap containing his tracker removed and set in the middle of the road, with a cell phone on top.

The man would beat his wife continually and Mike would have to repeatedly take the man away to the precinct jail for the night and then send him back home in the morning, since the woman wouldn't press charges. Later, when Walt and Jesse visit Mike at home to see if he will work with them as they continue their meth operation.

After Mike draws the gang's tattoo, Gus realizes that Juan Bolsa hired them and calls Bolsa before explaining to Mike that Bolsa was protecting the cartel's interests by protecting theirs. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. "), though it's possible he may have just had Tyrus translate it, who does speak Spanish. Mike assures him that Lalo won't and suggests that there is a plan in the works to deal with Lalo though he refuses to divulge any information to Saul. An ignorant Walt laughs at this and berates Mike for blaming him for his "failure" of getting followed by the DEA. As expected, a mysterious car arrives and takes the bait, swapping the gas cap containing Mike's tracker with a fresh one. Lydia, meanwhile, still wants all of Gus's employees killed. While Mike and Werner discuss blasting a section, Casper backs a front-loader into one of the support columns. ("Sunk Costs") Gus sends payment to Mike for his services, but Mike refuses to accept it. His actor, Jonathan Banks, is one of very few cast members to not have a twitter account. After his surveillance reveals discord in the White household, Mike takes his recordings to Saul's office. Victor gets to Gale's apartment, minutes after Jesse kills Gale.

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