dr death podcast review

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The medical system failed SO many people! He can’t work, his wife can’t work because he can’t be by himself because he also has other nerve damage where he’ll just pass out without warning.". But mostly it left me heartbroken. Nurses were absolutely awful to listen to in this. Incredible investigative journalism! Laura Beil’s Wondery podcast, which just wrapped its official first season and will continue to release sporadic updates, tightly retells the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, the Dallas neurosurgeon who injured 33 of the 38 patients he operated on during his career. At 6 episodes, its not too long... Well produced podcasts with valid resources. Like its predecessor “Dirty John,” the podcast “Dr. Started listening tonight and I couldn’t stop until I finished. Ad Choices, Dr. Death Is the Scariest Podcast of the Year. Be the first to know when a new binge-worthy podcast is added and access exclusive goodies, completely free! Fascinating & horrifying. Instead, constant institutional failure (and ass-covering) and his own delusion left him free to keep cutting open more people. This is the most interesting and engaging podcast I have ever listened to. From Wondery, the network behind the hit podcast Dirty John, DR. DEATH is a … "Chances are, hopefully, that we won’t have a surgeon that bad, but we should all care because we all rely on the same healthcare system. According to Wondery, Dr. Death is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and NPR One. Dr. Christopher Duntsch was a spinal surgeon working in Dallas, Texas, for roughly two years. ;). It is so unbelievable that this doctor was not stopped sooner! This guy literally got away with murder right under the noses of it here for years. Super cringe worth and will leave your jaw on the floor. false. These are awesome. Because this is a horror story, there's no satisfying answer to that. When Duntsch was finally convicted, it was technically for elder abuse. All rights reserved.

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How did one neurosurgeon get away with maiming 30 people in two years? Death” podcast launched in September 2018 and has been downloaded over 50 million time to date, landing the No. Because this is a horror story, there's no satisfying answer to that. We all rely on the same safety mechanisms," Beil said. In it, host and journalist Laura Beil takes the listener on a six-part journey through Duntsch's deeply disturbing story, examining how a physician could intentionally harm people at their most vulnerable, and how our healthcare system somehow allowed him to continue doing it. 07/06/20.

He operated on his own friend and surgically detached his spinal column from the base of his skull, effectively decapitating him and leaving him paralysed from the neck down - now he can still feel pain, but he can't move.

So Dallas Medical Center, where he operated on his final patients, had no reason not to welcome him with open arms. The host is a great storyteller and has a great new topic to hone in on each episode. Listened to this in one car ride!! Holes randomly punctured through vertebrae. Must listen! Well done and it kept me hooked. We trust the system.

Can I give 6 stars? TCC INSIDERS GET A WEEKLY ROUNDUP OF NEW PODCASTS ADDED + EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS. Beil collected rambling emails Duntsch sent to his office assistant, Kimberly Morgan, describing himself as "something between god, Einstein, and the antichrist," as well as a "cold blooded killer." Two of his victims died as a result of these surgeries, and many more were left paralyzed.

A terrible but amazing story. In order to do this, we only share likes/dislikes that are the most mentioned from the last 50 reviews on iTunes.

"At every juncture something that should have happened to stop him didn’t happen. Dr. Death explores the real-life story of Doctor Christopher Duntsch — a neurosurgeon who claimed to be the best surgeon in Dallas for those in need of back surgery. We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors.

Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. ". He claimed he was the best in Dallas. Hot Pod notes that since it launched on September 4th, the podcast has been downloaded more than eight million times. Well researched with great interviews. Instead of firing Duntsch, Baylor asked for his resignation, gave him a recommendation letter falsely saying there had been “no restrictions or suspensions” on his admitting privileges, and never reported him to the Texas Medical Board. For the victims, justice was even harder to find. These are just some of the clinical yet gory details from the scariest and most unsettling podcast of 2018. He sewed up one man's throat with a bloody sponge inside. Dr. Death, titled after Duntsch's nickname, traces his story back to his time in medical school at the University of Tennessee, and revisits the doctors, nurses, friends, and several unlucky patients who crossed his warpath, all of whom Beil says went out of their way to check Duntsch out through the internet, the state medical board, or referrals from other doctors.

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