adam thielen faith

While many have coined Adam’s journey to the NFL as a Cinderella story, his path to success and reaching his full potential is the result of unswerving perseverance, determination and faith. “I’m just using the previous day to learn from and try to apply that to get better the next day. Everyone sitting around and talking. You were out there just enjoying each other.”. That ‘off the field’ part,” she said. Who knows, he may be playing in his hometown stadium in Minneapolis this February at Super Bowl LII.

“They knew they wanted to give back, they just weren’t sure of the route. “We became the neighborhood hang out,” Adam’s mom Jayne added. For Adam and Caitlin, it was encouraging to see generous partners in the community who shared similar values. This attitude has set Thielen apart both on and off the field.

A matter of carrying on the values taught by his parents and grandparents; humility, kindness, love. Have a little fun.Better the places we live.Know when to ask for help and know when to offer it. “We raised our kids in an age where a lot of family units were falling apart. We just like to work hard.”. “We have people come up to us who have been touched by what they’ve done,” Jayne said. Copyright © 2019 ELEVATION Sports Marketing. “We want to give our grandkids the same things we hoped to give to our own children, the same that our parents gave us,” Pete said.

“We both grew up in a culture that valued hard work,” Jayne said.

With an overarching theme on youth development, the Thielen Foundation aims to create. “We saw no reason to move away.”. The family lived in a relatively secluded area on 20 acres of wooded land. “Our faith is super important to us; I think that’s what keeps Adam – and us as a couple – grounded.” Keep an eye on Adam Thielen the rest of this season. “But I know actions speak louder than words. We don’t like the spotlight. Much of their team comes from small towns not unlike Detroit Lakes, and the culture at each location holds the same Midwest work ethic and people-focused mentality of the Thielens. Not so far away, another organization with similar roots took notice. “We’d spend two or three hours by the campfire.

Already the proud grandparents have started to see that same sparkle in the kids’ eyes when they come to the lake — the sense that this is a place of magic and memories. By now, you probably know the story. He who has faith has... an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well - even though to the world it may appear to come out most badly. What’s more, his success hasn’t seemed to change the attitude of humility and kindness that goes hand-in-hand with the work ethic of the Midwest; a kindness he saw growing up in the sweet lady next door who brought over cookies when they moved in (and to every new neighbor), in his grandfather who spent much of his time volunteering or visiting the nursing home, in his parents who always put the emphasis on family time first. Then when they went and visited the hospitals, they saw a need.”, “They both have a heart for kids, and for addressing mental health,” Jayne added. It’s that same heart that led Adam and his wife Caitlin to unveil a new initiative in September 2018: The Thielen Foundation.

“The rule was we’d turn off the TV, and no one could have friends over. Their shared heart and values propelled the foundation to their launch date, and began garnering national attention. “He took it seriously.”. You’re trying to be the best husband, trying to be the best father… learning from mistakes and getting better the next day.”. Copyright © 2019 Spotlight Media LLC. That’s why Caitlin and I created the Thielen Foundation — to give back and help others, with a focus on youth development.”. Vikings Wide Reciever Adam Thielen and his wife Caitlin recently shared their testimony with their church. “He was insane at backyard football,” Janaye said in an interview with the Duluth News Tribune. And every summer weekend they could, they’d head out to camp near the lakes and spend quality family time together. It’s something Pete and Jayne grew up with; an understanding that work was not something to be skirted or avoided.

“Every day is an opportunity to get better,” Thielen said in his interview with Duluth News Tribune.

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