fortuna, ca fireworks 2020

Fortuna Fireworks Festival Wednesday July 3rd! • Check where and when displays are being held in your local area; also remember to ask your neighbours if they’re planning anything. With generous donations from service clubs, businesses and individuals, Fortuna invites the public to celebrate Independence Day a day early with entertainment and kids’ activities, all without the usual festival price tag. REDWOOD CAPITAL BANK 250.00 If anyone is available to help set up, we will start at 1:30.

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❤️ We all love our fur babies ❤️ To fill your appetite in between all the activities is a Family Fireworks BBQ from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm put on by Native Sons of the Golden West. crate. The Fortuna Fire District will be on hand with new activities for kids to participate in some free fireman style challenges.

Pyro Spectacular has again been contracted to do a dazzling light show after the sun goes down sometime after 9:30 pm. DOUG & KIM GIBBS 500.00 A portion of the BBQ proceeds will help to pay for the Fireworks and event costs so plan to attend as your support is needed to help make this event possible!

Eureka Fourth of July Festival, Arts Alive and Fireworks Show canceled • Check where and when displays are being held in your local area; also remember to ask your neighbours if they’re planning anything. HENSELL MATERIALS INC 100.00 FORTUNA IRON 50.00 • Punish your dog for being scared or try forcing your dog to face their fears – they’ll more likely just become more frightened. • Acclimatise your dog to noises prior to the big night; with many noise CDs and downloads available giving you opportunities to introduce your pooch to a variety of potentially disturbing noises in a controlled manner. DCI BUILDERS 100.00 We will notify you when anything happens in Fortuna. Please share! Nope that's not a typo it really is the 3rd of July, it's like a 4th of July kick ... Lots of fun to be had at the Fortuna Fireworks Festival Wednesday July 3rd! Al Gray Lighted Parade & Downtown Open House.

(7), The Fortuna Community has come together to offer something you don't get every day. The group that cares for the flags is in need of an indoor space to store a trailer with the flags on it. DAN COLLINGS TREE SERVICE 100.00 The out pouring of support for this event each year has been overwhelming. Ferdinand wins!!! Mission: This event is about celebration with family and friends. OMSBERG & PRESTON 250.00 HARBERS INSURANCE AGENCY 250.00 After that we host the biggest outdoor dance party on the North coast featuring DJ Ryan from Tah-Dah Productions entertaining the kids till the fireworks start!!! Parent must be present and sign a liability waiver...look for the waving stars and strips flags on both fields to sign your kiddos up! REDWOOD GLASS & WINDOWS 250.00 Thank you for being a $500 Big Bang Sponsor!!!

Donations are still needed to cover the cost of the event.

• Try to act and behave as normal, as your dog will pick up on any odd behaviour. C CRANE 100.00 GREEN' FORTUNA PHARMACY 100.00 Come to the Fireworks BBQ and plan dinner put on by Native Sons of the Golden West! • Consider seeking help from an experienced qualified animal behaviourist, especially if your pet is severely phobic. The Fortuna Fireworks Festival is a pet free event.

Due to COVID 19 and these unprecedented times, many of Fortuna s annual community events have been delayed or cancelled. REDWOOD EMPIRE ROOFING 250.00 Families are encouraged to bring their own legal fireworks to light off on the pavement and enjoy with friends.

It makes me so proud to be an American when I drive down the street and witness the red-white-and blue that borders the sidewalks from 9th Street to Rohner Park. We have chosen to leave out the commercialization and focus on creating an event that lets the kids run around and have fun while parents and grandparents tap their toes to good music and enjoy the company of their neighbors. The donations from our businesses and the dedicated volunteer committee equals the biggest party in Fortuna!

• Alternatively, let your dog take refuge under furniture and include an old, unwashed piece of clothing e.g.woolly jumper so that your dog can smell your scent and feel comfortable. GEORGE PETERSEN & ASSOC 100.00 Come out hungry! • Distract your dog from the noise by having your TV or the radio switched on louder than usual. escaping. • Remain calm, happy, and cheerful as this will send positive signals to your dog. Many hands make light work! CLEEKCO 250.00 Do: God Bless America!! WAHLUND CONSTRUCTION 250.00 • Forget to top up water bowls as anxious dogs usually pant excessively and get more thirsty. Hope to see you all at some point today/tonight!

SPRINGVILLE ESTATES 200.00 We are sorry to announce that the 2020 4th of July Festival, Arts Alive and Fireworks Show are canceled. All kids wanting to enjoy the entertainment must be accompanied by an adult and have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver in exchange for a low cost wristband that allows unlimited activities from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. ” says event coordinator, Tina Taylor.

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