maumee river salmon run

Share your Catch: View Full Size. We're not opposed to put repeat TOS violators in time-out until the dust settles, but don't want to. This spawn makes up the largest walleye run east of the Mississippi River. The walleye find this more enticing. A good bait is a lead-headed jig with a colored twister tail.

I pulled this from another website. For most of us this is the only socialization we'll get for a while but rules are rules. ). We missed fish after fish until we learned that we were just jerking the bait right out of the walleyes’ mouths. It was something worth investigating. Moving forward, our tolerance for political posts has hit its max. buckeye6. We’d seen boats anchored near the tip of an island off the park, just before a series of rapids. Most of the good fishing action in the Maumee River occurs during the spawning time of mid March thru April. We work hard to bring the best fishing forums Ohio has to offer! And effective under the right conditions. The Maumee River is located in Lake Erie's western basin. OGF Members, Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. I wonder if I saw the same one as you? Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. We're not a political site, never will be and have maintained that goal quite respectfully for 16 years...that's not going to change under the current circumstances. It wasn’t something we’d really considered, walleye that actually lived in the river. The Maumee River is on the brink of a recreational renaissance Sure, the massive river draining into Lake Erie just outside of Toledo, Ohio, has been on the map for centuries, serving agriculture, industry and early Native Americans. We’d spent a lot of time fishing in the Maumee, hitting the catfish hole and, of course, the Spring walleye run. In Maumee River terms this would be north of Ewing Island, then south to Tall Timber Rapids at the south end of Side Cut Metropark on the west bank. The combination of the rising spring run off waters, river bottom of small rocks and gravel make for excellent walleye spawning grounds. Resist that instinct to set the hook right after the bobber goes under the surface. Everyone is on edge, angry, frustrated and quite possibly dealing with more idle time on our hands than ever before. One day, as we walked along a park on the river, Dad and I spied two people fishing with bobbers along the bank. Usually the farthest west they run up a river in considerable numbers would be the Huron R. But most consider the Verm. You just couldn’t toss out and anchor and fish. Since 2004, Ohio Game Fishing is proud to be the oldest and largest online outdoors community in Ohio. The amount of moderation due to the political posts is unprecedented, and quite frankly shouldn't be necessary. The anchor won’t always catch when you want it to. their journey to the spawning grounds of the Maumee River. The current will then  do its job and start sweeping your bow downstream. One of the reasons that that particular fishing spot was so effective, was it was he perfect storm of locations. But is a bit different than normal bobber fishing. If you need a refresher, here's our TOS After a quarter-mile trip from the boat ramp, we rounded the bend off the tip of the island. Maumee: Ripe for Rediscovery Map of the Maumee River watershed. We get it, and are dealing with the same. When the bobber goes down, wait. As we discovered, there were a lot of river walleye. And even more so if  you’re in a strong current. Aug 7, 2009 #21 . The Maumee River from Grand Rapids Providence dam to a line in the Maumee Bay from Little Cedar Point to Turtle Island; The Sandusky River from where the Toledo Edison power line crosses the river at the southeast corner of Rodger Young Park in Fremont to a line running 1/4 mile east and parallel to the full length of the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge in Sandusky Bay; If there’s anything we learned, it was that the Maumee was never short of surprises. Immediately drop another anchor off the bow and control the bow movement by releasing rope by hand until you are perpendicular to the current. This seemed  strange to us at first, but in light of our new-found information, it started to make sense. If there’s anything we learned, it was that the Maumee was never short of surprises. The month of March begins the walleye run up the Maumee River. End April, beginning of May brings warmer waters and spawn completed. Maumee River Salmon Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DeathFromAbove, Aug 5, 2009. Then, as all good things, it came to and end. Many vendors can be found in the area hot spots selling the favorite bait of lead-headed jigs with assorted style tails in many colors. Sep 10, 2006 #3 . First off, it was at the base of the rapids. “Walleye,” they said. The latest one caught was about 4 years ago. Keep the integrity of the site you joined and use on your radar. Wait. King salmon- Maumee river Fall 2019. Largemouth Bass. Here the walleye begin their journey to the spawning grounds of the Maumee River. After struggling to get the anchors just right, we cast out or bobbers and waited. This was the pic in the Toledo Blade. This went  on all summer, and well into the next year. And not just a few. On one expedition, three of us caught a total of fifty-something walleye (it boiled down to catch-and-release when we hit our limits–just fishing and having a hell of a time) in the matter of a few hours.

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