beneficio spain

[CDATA[ So recently I spent a day and night at a Beneficio (hippie commune) in a small town in the south of Spain in a town called Orgiva. The latter have to be carefully obscured as around harvest time in September the police come prowling by day in the hope of busting a hippy. Before every meal everyone joins hands and chants Om for a minute before crying ‘Thanks for the food!’ and sitting down to eat. Unfortunately because these children are born off the grid, they do not exist so they can’t receive medical attention, education, or any form of governmental assistance. The young guy who could play every instrument, picked up the guitar and started playing around and the old British guy picked up the bongos and they started jamming. So we gathered up our stuff and began the trek home.

He repeated it several times. Beneficio itself sits on 'free land' which was apparently… It was very heavy and full of flavor. I was glued to my seat and wanted to ask more questions about their lifestyle, but my traveling companions were hungry and needed to eat. And yet magic happens. As we wondered around some more a man from Palestine dressed in a colorful, homemade robe started to talk to us and show us around.
In 2005, some families of Beneficio wished a more organized living environment in order to see their children grow. “She kept looking around for a TV or electric socket!

This allowed us to get a glimpse into the way these people live. Los beneficios del Cannabidiol (CBD) han sido documentados en tiempos previos a la era cristiana, particularmente en India.

A crowd soon formed, a bass player showed up and the guy from Palestine returned and picked up another set of bongos. Gallery. Some collectives of people live together but above all it is freedom that is sought in Beneficio, where the individual comes before the group, where the responsibility is self-managed and where there are no rules. All rights reserved. As we walked back down the path we saw a naked man walking from house to house.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have read that you just show up. He was upset because most communes have the theory or idea of “what’s mine is yours’” all live to serve the greater good.

I walked on through a forest of eucalyptus trees and passed the occasional teepee with the sounds of a guitar being plucked inside. “Don’t go there, the place is disgusting and dirty. He’s been living there for 20 years and at first was only going to stay for 2 weeks, but he liked it so much he decided to stay.

Here it was possible for me to hang out in the dome of my friend, live cheaply with like-minded people and listen to the voices of the river and the wind in the tree tops. Anyway so two young 20 year old girls, an old British man maybe 60, and a mid 20’s man, came into our hut and introduced themselves.

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