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Coastal forest, Lost Coast, California, 2019. Reclaiming the space, Fortuna, California, 2019. Next time I would think twice about taking King Peak Road again. Haunted barn and it’s bewitched blackberries, Lost Coast, California, 2019. Golden hour on the coast road, Lost Coast, California, 2019. Glass Beach's smooth glass pieces stretch to the surf like an underfoot kaleidoscope. This pamphlet discusses all eight stops along the Avenue of the Giants. If it is your thing, we saw info about their Discover Nature app you could download to your phone which had scavenger hunts you could do in the area, along with virtual signage/tours. Still, there are plenty of other places to stay in the idyllic seaside town, which is also home to its own artists’ collective, a number of museums, and an annual land-sea race to northern neighbor Arcata, which commences every Memorial Day weekend. Pin it for later! Driving in this area is like weaving through a narrow trail through the forest. But for anyone looking to truly get lost on their journey, the destination is more than accommodating. 156 Reviews #3 of 18 things to do in Ferndale. We take your privacy seriously. We clocked over 150 miles in 7.5 hours on this route. Traveling with a Pet Soon? Pink Ladies, Lost Coast, California, 2019.
Just outside of the Conservation Area is a tiny town called Honeydew, where you’ll pick up Mattole Road, another coast-bound thoroughfare that will continue to steer you north. The tiny town is home to more wildlife than people, and visitors can be privy to animal sightings from whales and seals to foxes, black bears, and elk. © 1999 - 2020 DMV.ORG.

Since it was already so late and we were tired of the journey so far, we skipped the final segment to Capetown. Where are we going next? You have to time it correctly though or else high tide will block your passage. Fun & Games: Who’s Really Winning the Autonomous Car Race? Deer path to where the river meets the sea, Lost Coast, California, 2019. Back at the jeep, we checked out the Visitor Center next to get some coffee and look around their exhibits. Even though not quite sunset, it was eerily quiet and dark on the drive back through the forest. At Trees of Mystery, we found a free pamphlet for The World Famous Avenue of the Giants & The Lost Coast. California's Lost Coast is one of the state's least well-known wonderlands. For years, heading up to the remote Humboldt County in Northern California was a trip in itself. Fortuna Future, Fortuna, California, 2019. In actuality, it’s called Humboldt Redwoods State Park, a spectacular 53,000 acres housing the ancient trees, a number of camp sites, and its own mysteries, such as the reality-defying area called Confusion Hill. How about places to stay? But the area is also home to a number of historic buildings and a bustling art scene. Star Wars fans may recognize the territory as the planet Endor from Return of the Jedi. This was a 2.4-mile hiking loop but we only walked part of it and then ate our breakfast. There were only a few other people here so we almost had the place to ourselves. There were parts of the road that had huge ruts and decent sized stream crossings may be due to recent storms. To end your journey, you’ll also head north, and begin leaving the wilderness behind. Take a look at our California articles. Read This First. So What Happens When an Autonomous Car Gets Pulled Over? It’s the reason the PCH was rerouted to head inland. The Lost Coast Scenic Drive includes a trek out west to Shelter Cove and then north along the Lost Coast in California to Capetown. Besides this trail, there are probably a dozen others that involve hiking in the forest. Road Trip: Lose Yourself in the Wild Beauty of California’s Lost Coast. You could probably spend all day checking out the hikes along the 101. Usal Road will take you most of the way north from Mendocino, and though the route can be used as a thoroughfare, travelers with the courage—and four-wheel drive—can take a number of craggy turn-offs to explore hidden nooks of coastline along the way. The community is home to a number of attractions, including a zoo, botanical gardens, and a plethora of museums. Grab a tide map, or talk to a park ranger, before starting your journey. ), and then Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. You can tell this place is probably popular in the summer, but here at the end of winter, it is pretty quiet. We were starting from the far north so the first stop about 20 miles into our drive was actually number eight on the guide: Drury-Chaney Grove. Along the walk, you can find any number of sea creatures in the leftover tide pools, including orange starfish, crabs, sea anemones, and sea urchins. Finally about an hour before dark we got back to the main road and stopped at Honeydew Creek to have a quick late lunch we had brought with us. Juno’s foot in the shrouded fog, Lost Coast, California, 2019. Drive from Victorian Ferndale, through high alpine forests, to the water's edge, along the northern edge of King Range and then to the redwoods of Humboldt Redwoods State park.

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