cleveland metroparks trail challenge 2020

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Read more at, The free Emerald Necklace publication outlines the best ways to enjoy Cleveland Metroparks each month. The composites are here! Cleveland Metroparks has also announced its 2020 Trail Challenges to encourage people to get out and explore.

In April, the Cleveland Metroparks announced its 2020 Trail Challenges to encourage people to get out and explore its 300 miles of trails in 48 northeast Ohio communities (Six feet apart please, and wear a mask!).

The livestream will be available beginning at 4 p.m. There are multiple hiking/bridal trails at this location that offer decent hill work. They’ve shared a video from the Cleveland Metroparks Police bike patrol on the rules of the road and how bicyclists, runners, walkers and motorists can co-exist safety in the Metroparks. You can walk, run, bicycle, rollerblade or even paddle to complete segments of the challenge “by any legal means.” Download the challenge form and record each activity you complete. On today’s Virtual Classroom we are going to stop at one of Cleveland Metroparks’ hidden waterfalls and explore the lush woodlands that surround it. Cleveland Metroparks will open Merwin’s Wharf restaurant in The Flats for patio dining, carry out and walk up window service on Thursday, September 10. This turtle was found at Rocky River Reservation near West Channel Pond where it will likely spend the winter in the mud. Hundreds of roosting migrating monarchs around the Wendy Park woodlot right now! For those who would rather watch other people hike, as well as those who are planning to get out in the fresh air as soon as the temperature gets above 35 and actually get some exercise, Cleveland Metroparks CEO Brian Zimmerman and trail builder Ralph Protano will be celebrating Opening Day for Trails on Facebook Saturday, April 18 @ 10am.

~NS, Naturalist. Cleveland Metroparks is home to 18 park reservations, eight lakefront parks, 300 miles of all-purpose, hiking, biking, and bridle trails, eight golf courses, five nature centers and the nationally acclaimed Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

This year's hatchlings are all grown up and out hunting for insects and spiders to eat.

Our local rivers are known for steelhead trout fishing, but they are also home to smallmouth bass. Secluded woodland creeks are home to secretive amphibians known as salamanders. You have to turn into an investigator, a weather investigator. Sign up now at Water rentals at Hinckley Lake Boathouse & Store are available on a limited basis including stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and tandem kayaks. Park naturalists have already spotted early migrants as they stop to rest in our parks, backyards and greenspaces. Dive into this week's Ask A Naturalist curiosities in the Virtual Classroom with Cleveland Metroparks Naturalist, Marty Calabrese. Fall is a great time to observe fungi.

Check-out the new September issue for tips on how to make the most out of the end of summer.

You’re invited to our Embrace the Lake Walkshop!

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