best cheese board set

It offers you all the essentials you need for a decent cheese plate.

Last but not least, your slender slotted knife includes three large slats, as well as a two-pronged fork tip.

Easy to maintain after drying and proper storage. From choosing the right cheese knife block, down to board types, it’s all here. The knives are made from premium stainless steel and are hollowed out to make them lightweight. One of the biggest concerns you’ll have when entertaining is looking like you know what you’re doing: Wusthof takes all that worry from your shoulders, thanks to their top-notch design.
Lightweight and easy to pick up thanks to industrial brushed-silver handles.

If your cheese board and knife set came with porcelain or another, more malleable type of blade, then you’ll be fine with more automatic sharpeners. The compartment presents stability issues, which can make cutting and stabbing difficult. Create a special gift for the cheese aficionado. While you might not need to buy twice as much cheese, or even put the same varieties on each board, placing the boards in different parts of the room is a good idea. However, do remember that with … Edges are not always well-cut or sealed. The best cheese knife set is the one that suits your needs, but in our opinion, it also needs to be versatile for when your guests bring other types of cheeses over during a function.

As a knife set is essential to the true cheese board experience, some boards come packaged with a set of utensils. You’ll even receive the glass dome to present your cheese spread, accompanied by your four exquisite blades. Slab styles are typically round or rectangular, though it’s very common to see wooden boards in asymmetrical shapes.

Expensive: High-end cheese boards that cost between $45 and $60 include premium brands of cookware and serving dishes. Rustic slate board with accessory knifes that makes for a well-rounded cheeseboard set.

Spade: Used for cutting into hard and firm cheeses. It also comes with some good bonus goodies. Other partygoers might appreciate the heads up.

Cheese board, 2 Ceramic bowls, 2 Slate labels, 2 Chalk markers, 4 Stainless steel knives, Manual. Lunar Premium Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, Lorenzi Milano Cheese Knife Set, by Mr. Porter. And it’s backed by a one-year replacement warranty. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Board - Not all sets come with boards, but if they do, you want to look for wood or marble. The color and design of this cheese plate certainly helps it stand out from the crowd. Classy, simple, and modern. WoneNice Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set. You get a flawless grip despite the sleek handles, and a beautiful set to display when not in use. Your cleaver comes with three holes in the blade, helping to separate cheeses (while also being easier to clean). With that said, if your guest list is growing, you might want to invest in a second cheese board. Some cheese boards are designed to be multi-purpose surfaces, but some materials are more porous than others. Though boards with intricate details are enticing, those boards with simple physical features are easier to clean. If you’re already wondering whether you’ll have enough cheese, it’s time to buy more. The knives are made from premium food-grade stainless-steel, so they won’t rust or contaminate your cheese in any way. Includes 4 knives, a cheese fork, & cheese spreader. The cheese knives are excellent with good handling and ergonomics. Wusthof has been one of our favorite butcher knife manufacturers for a long time, and now they’ve taken to exploring their expertise with this high-end cheese knife set. Easy to clean and needs only to be hand washed with warm water. Generous 12 by 16 inch size is able to host a variety of cheese. These one-of-a-kind pieces are ideal if you’re looking for a natural yet modern cheese board. Handles: Some cheese boards are equipped with handles to make carrying and serving much easier. If you don’t want to label the cheeses on your board, you can distinguish between varieties by alternating contrasting colors as your arrange them. Slate, ceramic, and steel are all of excellent quality. The slit in the center prevents that cheese from sticking to the tines. Can I put other items on my cheese board like fruit or cold cuts? Kuhn put their minds into making a simple yet lightweight set, using basic plastic handles with a single screw design. This is one set which will bring elegance to any party.
Be sure to also check out our list of the best steak knives for more great items like this. With that said, if your guest list is growing, you might want to invest in a second cheese board.

If you’re concerned about maintaining the integrity of your board and avoiding contamination, opt for marble or slate instead of wood. Next up, we’ve got one of the best-value cheese knife sets on the market. Cheese plates are best served with multiple varieties, along with the appropriate meats, nuts, and sauces. Cheese board, 3 Bonus Ceramic Bowls, 1 Thin Knife, 1 Heart Knife, 1 Chisel Knife, 1 Serving Fork, 2 Dustless Chalks.

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