antonin dolohov

Emily Tyler | With a kick, Dolohov broke Neville's wand and nose and then cornered Harry, wordlessly threatening him. nicht alle Bücher kennt, ist aber Vorsicht angeraten, damit ihr euch die Spannung nicht verderbt! Antonin was later killed by Professor Flitwick, giving the wand to him. He escaped after Voldemort's return and the start of the Second Wizarding War, in the mass break-out of 1996, which , in the film version, caused an explosion in Azkaban. Ismelda Murk | Dolohov was loyal to Lord Voldemort and was a merciless Death Eater who was willing to commit murder, torture and other atrocities without hesitation or regret. Also nach Flit, wick oder prof …, • • • Nutzungsvereinbarung • Datenschutz • Impressum. He'd certainly never wanted someone this much. Herpo the Foul | In 1998, Dolohov fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, during which he killed Remus Lupin. Er war einer der zehn … Bellatrix Lestrange | Corban Yaxley | Merula Snyde | Too bad he can think of … Dolohov was very smug and when he defeated Alastor Moody in a duel he was very pleased with himself. Merwyn the Malicious | Salazar Slytherin | Lucius Malfoy | Antonin Dolohow (orig. Gilderoy Lockhart | He showed no remorse about wounding sixteen-year-old Hermione Granger; in fact he was grinning about it as he tried to persuade Harry Potter to hand over the prophecy they were fighting over. When the battle later resumed, Dolohov was defeated by Filius Flitwick, a former duelling champion. This spell did not work very well, but seemed to, as the three friends found out later. He'd done terrible things, but kidnapping and blackmailing his favourite mudblood into shagging him was low, even for him. Carrow | Cornelius Fudge | Queenie Goldstein | Severus Snape | On 17 June, 1996, Lord Voldemort lured Harry Potter to the Ministry of Magic precipitating the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Dolohow ist groß und hat ein fahles Gesicht und hat sich insbesondere als Todesser hervorgetan, indem er mehrere Muggel und Gegner Voldemorts mit dem Cruciatus-Fluch folterte. Peter Pettigrew | According to Igor Karkaroff, Dolohov tortured many Muggles and non-supporters of Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War. Marvolo Gaunt | Antonin Dolohov firing curses alongside Lucius Malfoy at Harry and Sirius for the Prophecy. Biography. Nagel | Antonin Dolohov is a dark wizard who is one of the original Death Eaters who serves Lord Voldemort.He is a supporting antagonist in the Harry Potter universe.. Das macht gar nichts: Suche einfach nur nach einem Teil seines Namens. The Harry Potter Compendium is a FANDOM Books Community.

Antonin Dolohov. At the climax of the battle, he engaged Filius Flitwick in a duel, and was defeated.
Dolores Umbridge | He attended the Death Eater meeting at Malfoy Manor that summer and was seated by Yaxley; he was impressed when Yaxley announced that he had placed Pius Thicknesse, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, under the Imperius Curse. They tracked Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom to a room off the Time Chamber, hitting the three of them with Impediment Jinxes. Gregory Goyle | Er hat Voldemort in Hogwarts kennen gelernt und gehörte dort zu dessen Clique. Dolohov is described as having a "long, pale, twisted face" and as "burly," although not as large as the "huge" Thorfinn Rowle. Kreacher, Muggle-Born Registration Commission Antonin Dolohov is a dark wizard who is one of the original Death Eaters who serves Lord Voldemort. [8] Dolohov may have been among the Death Eaters assigned to keep an eye out for 12 Grimmauld Place, former headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and temporary hide-out for Harry, Ron and Hermione, as one of the Death Eaters mentioned watching the gap between houses 11 and 13 on the first of September was “the man with the twisted face”.

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